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Transparent LED University of Newcastle


Transparent Mesh LED 



Project completion: December 2017

LED Type: Nexnovo XRW Series Transparent LED P3.9

Size: Two 5m wide x 3m high


The University of Newcastle continues to build its global reputation for being one of the world's most prestigious universities. For over 50 years, their outstanding educators have achieved a long list of accolades and our world-class researchers are recognised internationally for their contribution to many fields of inquiry. Their remarkable students continue to impress with stories of success within the region
and on the national and world stage. The University of Newcastle has a proud history of achievement that has led to strong outcomes in international university rankings. Together and as individuals, they are among the world's best.

The University of Newcastle’s Great Hall - officially opened in 1973 and is the venue of many UON’s prestigious events including University graduations, Alumni awards, Orientation and conferences with a large open Foyer space that is perfect for registrations, exhibitions or catering.

The Great Hall features a stepped auditorium, is fully air-conditioned and provides a large stage that can accommodate a full symphony orchestra. The total seating capacity of the Great Hall is 1,231 which includes 448 tiered seats and 783 removable auditorium seating which means they are flexible with the set up arrangement of any event. The Great Hall can be set up for many types of events, seated dinner, dance shows and even expos.

Lymlive Media were approached by Newcastle University to discuss options available to provide viewing platforms for The Great Hall. Lymlive Media supplied and installed two Nexnovo XRW3 Transparent LED Screens, (5 metres wide X 3 metres high) suspended high from engineered side support beams either side of the great hall, allowing all attendees of The Great Hall visibility to any content being displayed during any of the functions held within.


Transparent LED University of Newcastle
Transparent LED University of Newcastle
Transparent LED University of Newcastle206_120033.jpg
Transparent LED University of Newcastle

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