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Building LED Glas

You can now use your entire window facade as a giant Transparent Display. The Novoglass by Nexnovo is the award winning digital signage technology specifically designed for outdoor facing buildings. With an IP65 rating and 18mm double glazed structure, the Novoglass can now be installed on all your new projects.

Why use normal window glass when you can have Transparent LED Glass instead?

IF design.png

Glass Window Screen

This is a nice use of LED embedded in building glass at some sort of pavilion building in a massive city park in Chengdu, a mega-city in the Sichuan province of China.

The whole front face of the building is curtain wall glass, made up of some 100 glass panels, with 14 different sizes. The glass panels are all the same pixel pitch, though: 10mm. The power supplies are at the top of each panel, and as you can see in the video above, they get sealed just like other windows, with caulking. The set-up is wind and moisture-rated to IP65.

One of the reasons for so many panel sizes is that the corners are curved, so the glass was cut to fit the shape.


LED Glass
Installation Process

Lymlive is proud to partner with Nexnovo in bringing the very best of glass led technology.

Energy Saving,
Environment Friendly,
Stability and Durability

Nano material, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

Special PVP/SGP transparent glue. All in one design.

LED Glass schema.png

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