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Orange Airport Arrival
LED Billboard

Orange Regional Airport is a key transport hub for the central west, providing daily passenger connections with Sydney and a base for a growing number of aero-industry businesses. Located 15 kilometres south east of Orange. By car, the airport is 15 minutes’ drive from the centre of Orange.

The airport is owned, operated and maintained by Orange City Council. The City Council is aware of the importance of this gateway to Orange and the surrounding region and has continued to improve the quality of this facility.

Lymlive Media supplied and installed 2 x 55inch Commercial screens originally in July 2018 working with Orange Airport in the months leading up to the screen install our IT department developed and were able to link Lymlive's in house web based software to the airline system to allow FID’s (Flight Information Data) messages to be displayed to passengers. At the end of 2020 and Lymlive were contacted by the council requesting to upgrade the screens to a large LED screen. December 2020 saw Lymlive Media replace the existing screens with one large 4 metre (w) x 2.25 metre (h) LED screen at 2.6 pixel pitch.

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