Close to our suppliers

Since 2012 Lymlive has launched and operated a 100% ownership registered company in Shenzhen, China. We have built a team of consultants and experts who have extensive experience in procurement and quality control in digital solutions. 


We work directly with the manufacturers of all LCD, LED and Interactive Digital Solutions and have full access to the factories. 


Thanks to the commitment of our local team we have built strong relationships with the manufacturers.


This allows us to:


  • Ensure full quality control on every piece of hardware.

  • Provide our clients with 3 years warranty on all hardware.

  • Add an extra layer of security (all connections can be deactivated).

  • Access all the latest technology available (eg. transparent screens, ultra high brightness screens, OLED, etc).

  • Customise all hardware on request.

  • Lower the cost of acquisition.