Replace your hanging signs with 

NexEsign In-Glass LED Display

Yes you read that well. Replace your hanging signs with a new NexEsign Transparent LED Glass. No more boring and outdated signs, delight and capture your audience with our new incredible transparent displays.

The NexEsign displays are designed to be easily installed, stackable and completely see through. The content can be updated and publish directly on your smartphone.

Lymlive is proud to present a new product in partnership with Nexnovo

Nexnovo is the inventor of Transparent LED and Transparent LED Glass NexEsign. Lymlive is proud to be offering a new innovative product specifically designed for retail at a very low price point.

NexEsign Transparent Glass Display

NexEsign Transparent

LED Glass

  • 92% Transparent Glass

  • Made of glass only - no mesh

  • Small pixel pitch (P10)

  • Ultra High Brightness (5,000 nits)

  • Fully visible in direct sunlight

Create and publish content directly on your smartphone

  • ‘One-Click’ easy publish and remote management on your mobile phone or web portal

  • Multiple libraries of content available such as: fonts, background, colours and templates.

  • Decide on a template, customise then publish! 

Transparent LED Glass - NexEsign.png
Transparent LED Glass - NexEsign (1).png

A smart application for an innovative display

  • NexEsign can easily be controlled  directly from your smartphone. You can create, change and update the content instantly just in few touches.

  • It has never been to easy to manage your promotional content.


  • Connect multiple panels to create custom installations, simply and quickly

  • Simple install plug and play

  • You can link up to 100 units together

  • Automatic setup. Update the content directly through the app

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