Interactive Screens

This complete reimagining of Myer Sydney flagship store is a land of wondrous imaginings.

Wonderland by Myer is a world class, personalised shopping experience like no other. Brimming with wondrous experiences, it seamlessly weaves the very best of nostalgia and tomorrow’s trends and technology, brought to life as a fully hand illustrated, interactive destination for the whole family.

Brands are provided the ultimate destinations within which to tell compelling product stories, while the cohesive design conjures an immersive shopper narrative, complete with elements of retail theater so extraordinarily grand, they will function as tourist attractions in their own right. Starting with an incredible lift ride that rockets you high above Sydney and through the clouds, it makes the journey as enthralling as the destination.

Within the cityscape, expansive interactive screens let you feature in and send your own postcard, and a mind blowing cinema dome that transforms into an ever changing canvas above the heads of shoppers, perfectly formed for brands to tell rich engaging stories. A work of magic and manpower, this is truly Sydney city center’s premium family shopping destination, firmly putting Myer at the forefront of retail innovation in Australia.

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