Change the GAME

Lymlive is proud to introduce you to the technology of the future: in-glass LED Displays.

No more screens, no more structure. Lymlive can now install completely transparent display (92% transparency) with low pixel pitch (P10) and ultra high brightness.

Lymlive offers two types of fully transparent technology:

- In-glass LED Display : we install glass panels containing the LEDs directly into your structure - replacing the normal glass

- LED Films : if you already have a glass structure, we can install a fully transparent film specifically cut to fill your entire window.

Lymlive's technology allows to link all the glasses and windows to create a spectacular and immersive visual experience.

If you have a new project in a shopping mall or any venue, and wish to impress all your visitors, please give us a call now for a free site survey.

Lymlive ballustrade in-glass LED Displays


Lymlive can now replace your glass balustrade with in-glass LED technology for a spectacular shopping experience.

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