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Change the GAME

Lymlive is proud to introduce you to the technology of the future:

IN-GLASS LED Displays by Nexnovo.

Straight from a science fiction movie, the completely transparent LED technology is now available for your store front window to amaze your customers. 

No more screens, no more structure. Lymlive's completely transparent display (92% transparency) with low pixel pitch (P10) and ultra high brightness (6500nits).

Lymlive's technology allows to link all the glasses and windows to create a spectacular and immersive visual experience.

If you have a new project in a shopping mall or any venue, and wish to impress all your visitors, please give us a call now for a free site survey.

Do you have a shopfront window

ready for Transparent LED Glass?

Lymlive is proud to partner with Nexnovo for the Transparent LED technology

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