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Transparent LED

Lymlive Media were commissioned in July 2018 to design a transparent screen for the Genesis Project.  


Working with SUH Architects in Korea and Genesis Motors, Lymlive have just completed a custom 11 metre high by 6 metre diameter Nexnovo Transparent Screen. 


From a concept drawing supplied by SUH Architects we designed and engineered the construction documentation working with our partner Nexnovo. This was an urgent project that needed to be completed November 2018. 


After completing a full location site survey our team went to China to work with Nexnovo on building the prototype. Once this was approved by Genesis, pre-construction in our China factory began for completion at the end of November.  The screen was then flown to Australia with a new installation completion date of December 2018. 

The project was then put on hold due to the budget restraints and restarted in January 2019 by a local builder. 


Lymlive were programmed to complete the job in May 2019 and the team commenced work onsite to deliver this amazing project. 

Due to the change of design plans, the installation took place with very difficult site conditions. Lymlive persevered and completed the installation early June 2109. 


The new Genesis Motors Studio is located in Pitt Street Mall Sydney; the amazing screen forms the outer wall of the staircase from ground, up to the 2nd floor. 


This remarkable creation is a world first and was a dream of the President of the Genesis Motor Company in Korea. 


From displaying in still form and videos, the screen certainly makes an impact within the Genesis Studio. 

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